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Classes are admitted each year in September. The course is 50 weeks in length, including 2 weeks vacation and 6 holidays.


  1. 17 years of age or older
  2. High school graduate or high school equivalency diploma
  3. *Successful completion of a General Biology course
  4. **Satisfactory completion of English Pre-placement Test
  5. Satisfactory physical examination including required immunizations
  6. $50 application fee

*Successful completion of a general Biology course within (7) years of application to the program with a final grade of "C" or above is required to apply to the program. The requirement is based on the principle that this will help a student to be better prepared to meet the demands of the program.

**Students registering for Freshman English I need to take a pre-placement test prior to registering. There is no fee for taking this test. Please call the FLCC Extension Center at (315) 789-6701 to make arrangements.

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