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College Overview

College Overview

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing offers a full-time evening/weekend program leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree with a major in nursing. Our campus is affiliated with Geneva General Hospital of Finger Lakes Health.

The college was founded by a group of professional registered nurses who work at Geneva General Hospital who share a strong commitment to quality patient care, increasing the registered nurse workforce and to the profession of nursing.


The Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing will produce registered nurse graduates at the Associate Degree level who are competent and caring professional nurses functioning within their identified scope of practice.  Graduates of the Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing will value the profession of nursing by exhibiting professional behaviors in a healing and caring way, by promoting lifelong learning and living to create healthy relationships with the people they care for and work with.


The Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing is a small rural hospital based Associate Degree Nursing program that is an integral part of Finger Lakes Health.  The College of Nursing is open to all applicants interested in pursuing a career as a professional registered nurse.  The Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing fosters the development of individuals to deliver quality, holistic healthcare and is designed to create a segue into a Bachelors degree program through collaborative partnerships with area colleges and universities.

Reasons to Choose Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing

  • Achievement of an Associate Degree in Applied Science at the end of two years
  • Over 670 hours of hands on clinical instruction with a qualified nursing faculty
  • Affiliation with Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) liberal arts and science courses taught by FLCC faculty
  • Professional Instruction, our college unique in that the conceptual framework is  developed around the principles of the Theory of Nursing Knowledge and Nursing Practice.  The theory places extreme emphasis on the individual's accountability and responsibility to participate in the attainment of nursing knowledge and to develop his/her own nursing practice based on that knowledge which is supported by research and evidence
  • Advanced Placement for LPNs who have at least 3 months recent clinical experience
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