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For Surgical Patients

Preoperative Assessment

Prior to your surgery, you will receive a preoperative anesthesia review by a Finger Lakes Health registered nurse (RN).  This review is required prior to any surgery.  In order for the RN to assess your readiness for surgery you should complete the ordered lab work or tests by your physician 24 to 48 hours prior to your arranged pre-anesthesia appointment.

Patients having surgery at the Finger Lakes Surgery Center will receive a phone call at a pre-arranged time to review your health information.  The physician office will book this appointment for you at your convenience. Should you wish to rearrange the phone interview please contact the physician’s office.   Patients having surgery at the hospital, may either receive a preoperative phone call or be given an appointment for an in person assessment by the RN at a pre-arranged time.  The physician’s office will clarify if you are having a telephone or in-person appointment.  Should you wish to rearrange the interview please contact the physician’s office.  During this call or visit, you will be asked to give 

Information on Anesthesia
Anesthesia services ensure that you are comfortable during your operation or procedure.  Before surgery, your anesthesiologist will discuss which options are appropriate for you.

 What's the Best Anesthesia for Me?


Expected Results/Techniques





General Anesthesia

Total state of unconsciousness.  The mediciation is injected into the blood stream and inhaled into the lungs.  A breathing tube may be placed in the windpipe.

Mouth or throat pain, hoarseness, injury to mouth or teeth, awareness under anesthesia




Spinal or Epidural


Temporary decrease or loss of feeling and/or movement to lower part of the body.  A drug is injected through a needle/catheter placed either directly into the spinal canal or immediately outside the canal.  Medication may also be given to relax you.

Headache, back or leg pain, infection, persistent weakness or numbness




Major/Minor Nerve Block

Temporary loss of feeling and/or movement of a specific limb or area.  Drugs are injected near nerves providing numbness to the area of the operation.

Infection convulsions, weakness, persistent numbness, injury to blood vessels




Intravenous Regional Anesthesia

Temporary loss of feeling and/or movement of a limb.  Drugs are injected into veins of the arm or leg while using a tourniquet.

Infection, convulsions, weakness, persistent numbness, injury to blood vessels.




 Monitored Anesthesia Care

 Reduced anxiety and partial or total amnesia.  Drugs are injected into the blood stream and breathe into lungs producing a semi-conscious state.

An unconscious state, depressed breathing

What to Bring

You are welcome to bring personal items which will make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.  Although we do provide hospital gowns, you may wish to bring your own robe, slippers and toiletries with you.  As we do have strict electrical regulations, please do not bring your shaver, hairdryer or radio to the hospital.

You will be asked to provide your co-pay, so it is important to bring some form of payment system that you can use and then hand off to your significant other, as having cash is not recommended when in the hospital.  We ask that you bring comfortable clothing that can be easily put on over dressings.  If you are having shoulder or arm surgery please ensure that you wear a button down top.  Please do not wear jewelry or make-up.  Remove all finger nail polish.  If you are bringing eyeglasses, dentures, or a hearing aid with you, please be sure to let the admitting nurse know that you have these items.  It is the hospital's goal to insure all patient property remains safeguarded during your stay.

Always bring a current list of medications that you are taking, including the dose, how often you are taking the medication and when the last pill was taken.   Remember not to eat or drink after midnight prior to the surgery.  After any procedure or surgery you must have an escort home that will be driving. For your safety we recommend that you have someone stay with you for 24 hours.   

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