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Hospitalist Program

During your stay at Geneva General Hospital, your care will be coordinated by a team of physicians and allied health professionals who serve our Hospitalist Program.  Geneva General Hospital has the most hospitalists of any area hospital.

Below we have outlined the benefits provided to patients and families by the hospitalist team which is focused on providing high quality in-patient hospital care.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a full-time, board-certified internist who specializes in hospital in-patient medicine. These physicians provide continuous care to hospitalized patients. Members of your hospital team, which include physicians and specially trained allied health professionals; will be at Geneva General Hospital around the clock.

How will I benefit from a hospitalist's care?

As hospitalists spend all of their time in the hospital, they are available throughout the day to monitor your progress and respond to emergencies. Hospitalists order tests and medical procedures, consult with specialists when appropriate, while maintaining open communication with your private primary care physician.

How can I reach my hospitalist?

You can reach your hospitalist by calling (315) 787-4303 or by asking your nurse to contact the hospitalist.

When can my family and I discuss my condition with the hospitalist?

The hospitalist will come to your bedside each day. If any of your family members wish to meet with the hospitalist, upon your consent they can schedule a meeting any time of the day or night.

Is there a private area for meetings?

The hospitalists have private rooms available for medical consultation. This allows the hospitalist to provide information to family members in a private setting.

Will my primary care doctor have access to the hospitalist?

Hospitalists work in cooperation with patients' private physicians. Your hospitalist maintains regular communication with your doctor to share important information about your condition and your treatment.

Will I see more than one hospitalist during my stay?

Yes. Because hospitalists are on duty during all shifts, you will be seen by a team of physicians and allied health professionals who work together as our hospitalist team.

How can I be sure that all these doctors know my case?

Information about each patient is recorded and signed by the hospitalist before he or she leaves. Each hospitalist reads the record and familiarizes him or herself with each case, and communicates as needed with the other hospitalists in order to plan your care before starting a shift. This assures continuity of care.

When I am discharged, will my doctor have a record of my hospitalization?

After your discharge, a summary of your hospitalization will be faxed to your private physician, who will resume responsibility for your care.

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