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New Vision Medical Career Program


"To study the phenomena of disease without books is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all."

--Sir William Osler, M.D.

The New Vision Medical Career Program provides an exciting "new vision" of blended academic and career education, aimed at high school seniors with an interest in medical careers.

Offered cooperatively by Finger Lakes Health and the Finger Lakes Technical & Career Center (part of Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES) for component school districts, this program allows students to explore a full array of medical careers.  Qualified high school students must apply in the spring of their junior year for the competitive selection process. 

A Unique Model for Vocational Education

This model offers community-based instruction in a way that provides a fully integrated academic curriculum.  Students spend part of their instructional time at the health system and a portion of their day at their home school.  This program provides applied educational experiences which develop linkages between high schools and healthcare opportunities.

This program places students in a healthcare setting with access to all health system operations including inpatient and outpatient services, social work, medical technology, surgery, and nursing.

Key Elements

Location: The classroom for New Vision students is located on the campus of Geneva General Hospital at the hub of activities for the fields of study.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Students study English (Gemini English 101 & 102), Economics/Government, and Health Science simultaneously.  They learn to relate their academic and occupational skills and apply these relationships to diverse situations.

Broad-Based Professional Curriculum: Students will develop competencies useful in a wide-range of careers within a broad occupational field.

Program Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Speak and write in-depth about the connection between academics and the workplace;
  • Develop career plans based on the knowledge gained through experiential learning;
  • Begin preparation for professional and/or technical careers (i.e., two or more years of post-secondary education);
  • Demonstrate their socialization in the workplace setting and
  • Apply previously learned academic knowledge and skills to professional tasks and problems.

Program Coordination

The New Vision instructor, a qualified teacher provided by Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, directs all student activities at the health system.  In addition, s/he serves as a liaison to the home schools and organizes experiences with the health system personnel.

The health system has a designated staff member from the Community Services Department who works with the New Vision instructor to facilitate the student activities.  The actual activity is supervised by the departmental mentor and/or medical professionals.

Clinical Opportunities

Direct Care Services:

Cardiopulmonary and cardiac rehab services; care management; respiratory therapy; emergency department; geriatric care; physical, occupational, and speech Therapy; inpatient and outpatient surgical services, radiology, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and angioplasty; hospitalists; Family Birth Center (obstetrics); telemetry and medical/surgical acute care floors; Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing, Geneva General Child Care Center; and renal dialysis.

Support Services:

Dietary, nutritional services, laboratory, pharmacy, environmental services, community services, bio-medical services, transport, central sterile processing, hospital administration, and finance.


  • The 2008-9 school year marks the 14th year of the program;
  • 399,750 mentor hours provided by hospital professionals in 13 years;
  • 900 square foot classroom provided;
  • 205 outstanding high school seniors from 14 Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES school districts have participated;
  • An average of $100,000 in college scholarships for the past 9 years;
  • $870,800 four-year scholarship total for the class of 2008;
  • 100% acceptance rate for two and four year degree programs;
  • 100% acceptance in military service programs;
  • 30% of New Vision students employed at Finger Lakes Health facilities during high school;
  • Nine New Vision graduates have returned to Finger Lakes Health for full time employment.

Quotes from Former Students

"I am now certain that I want to study to be a physical therapist in college."

"This week was a growing experience...I learned to take responsibility for my own situation and I gained self-confidence in approaching professionals."

"...the whole way home the only thing I could think about was what an awesome senior year I'm having compared to the rest of my home school classmates."

"All the things I learned in AP Biology came back but with real importance..."

"...all the conversations I had with the staff and patients make me feel even more connected...watching them struggle with everyday life events is a reality check for me.  I realize how much I take for granted."

"One of the nurses took me see a patient and let me listen to their lungs.  They had a slight cold so you could hear the crackling noises...I love being able to do hands-on work with the doctors and nurses."

"[The social worker]...gave me a packet of questions that I needed to ask a patient about his family and PMH [past medical history]... [She] was surprised at the amount of information I was able to get out of the patient."

"The biggest thing I learned was the need for me to take the initiative.  Unlike traditional school...I was on my own for the most part and thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"[A nurse] talked to me like I was an adult.  We talked...about the endless possibilities of nursing.  She made me excited to become a nurse."

"Looking back, I cannot believe how much I accomplished, not only academically, but personally..."

"I expected simple observation-I received hands-on interaction.  I expected student status-I received respect and professional status from my mentors in the hospital.  I expected to form connections-I formed personal and professional relationships."

For more information about how to apply for the New Vision Medical Career Program, contact your guidance counselor, the Finger Lakes Technical & Career Center at 585-526-6471 or the Community Outreach Coordinator at Geneva General Hospital, 315-787-4065.

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