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Potato Frittata

Potato Frittata
Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Level of Difficulty
Ingredients Cooking spray
4 cups frozen hash brown potatoes, shredded-style
½ cup onion, chopped
1/3 cup diced Canadian bacon or reduced fat ham (about 2 oz)
½ t salt
1/8 t black pepper
¾ cup egg substitute
½ cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese (not fat-free). Smoky cheese gives an additional flavor punch.
2 T green onion, chopped
Instructions 1. Preheat broiler.
2. Heat a 10” nonstick skillet with oven-proof handle over medium heat. (Non-oven proof handles can be wrapped in foil.) Coat with cooking spray.
3. Saute onion and Canadian bacon or ham until onion is softened. Remove from pan and set aside.
4. Respray pan with oil. When hot, add frozen hash browns and mix in onion and ham. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Heat without stirring until potatoes are golden brown on bottom.
5. Pour egg substitute evenly over potatoes. Cook on stove top, lifting the edges of the potatoes to let egg run underneath.
6. When egg is beginning to set, sprinkle top with green onion and cheese. Place under broiler and continue to cook until cheese is melted and starting to brown and the eggs are set (2-3 minutes). Cut in wedges with a plastic spatula and serve hot.

Makes 6 small or 4 large servings.

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