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Finger Lakes Health rounds out our exceptional heart care with a comprehensive range of patient support, from specialized therapy programs to complementary whole person strategies for wellness close to home. We recognize that healing takes place best when patients feel supported physically, emotionally and mentally during their health challenges. We also know that for patients to succeed, they need customized plans that account for their specific needs and health profile.

Our programs prioritize safe, effective methods, and feature:

  • Individualized exercise and nutrition plans
  • Close monitoring by medical staff
  • Classes and support to encourage healthy lifestyle choices

Finger Lakes Health staff wants to get patients back to their lives as quickly as possible. We also want to be partners in lifelong wellness.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program 
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Finger Lakes Health is a three-phase program, designed to maximize recovery and promote cardiovascular fitness. It provides a better understanding of their disease for the patient and family. Patients recovering from bypass surgery, angina, heart attack, or angioplasty or other cardiac conditions can benefit from Cardiac Rehabilitation. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, offered in Geneva and Penn Yan, is Certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Phase I is an in-patient educational program, which addresses basic questions about the individual's condition and other procedures they may be facing.

Phase II is a 12-week monitored outpatient program, meeting 3 times a week for exercise sessions with the use of specialized equipment. All exercise classes are conducted by RNs with ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Certification. Group and individualized education sessions covering topics of concern to the patient and/or family are an important part of the patient's recovery. Participants are accepted into this program by physician referral only. An individual is required to have an exercise treadmill test, which will evaluate exercise capacity at the start of the program and is evaluated at intervals throughout the program. This program is generally covered (in part) by insurance. Cardiac rehab is provided based on referral for Phase II patients.

Phase III is a RN-supervised maintenance exercise program for patients who want to increase or maintain the benefits of Phase II. This Phase III program meets at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department in Penn Yan. Once Phase II, is completed patients can choose for themselves whether or not to continue on to Phase III. Insurance does not cover this program.

For questions regarding the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, call (315) 787-4596 in Geneva or (315) 531-2596 in Penn Yan.


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