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What Our Patients Are Saying

Randy Doty
“The ARU staff were excellent and were right there to guide me.”

Ellen Cox
”I highly recommend Geneva General’s Acute Rehab to anyone. It was a very positive experience with the highest level of care,”

Cindy Peterson
Cindy Peterson raves about the care she received in the various departments at Geneva General Hospital. “Geneva is a great stroke hospital. They are there for you. They are there when we need them, that’s for sure”.

Sharon Allen, RN Nurse, SSMH Emergency Department
Sharon was my father's nurse. She did an excellent job of caring for my father. She did everything she could to make my father comfortable. She was right there to clean him up when he was sick. She understood his hearing problems and all the pain he was in. She was so gentle with him and she made sure he was looking at her when she talked to him.

Garland Jackson, M.D. Physician, SSMH Emergency Department
Dr. Jackson was very thorough and he was great with my young son. The nurse, Joyce, was really caring and knew how to treat a boy his age. I am very happy with the care my son received at the Soldiers & Sailors ED.

Laura Voigt, RN Nurse, SSMH Emergency Department
There was a nurse who spent a lot of time with him. She was so very nice.

Christine Petersen, RN SSMH Care Manager
Christine was very thoughtful. She made sure all of my referrals were done. She was professional, yet friendly. She made sure all my needs were being met.

De’Von Greene Counselor, SSMH Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit
De’Von, the counselor, seemed to go the extra mile to listen. He made me feel that he really cared. He is really devoted to his job.

Heather Morris, RN Nurse, SSMH First Acute
Heather washed my hair and when I was feeling blue, she would give me a hug or pat me on the back and tell me things would be okay.

Barb Sorensen, RN Nurse, SSMH Cardiac Rehab
Barb, one of the nurses in Cardiac Rehab, took care of me when I had a heart problem. She took me down to the Emergency Room and stayed with me until I was admitted.

Krista Hughes, RN Nurse, GGH Emergency Department
Krista, my nurse in the ER, was just wonderful.

Jeremy Hinman Critical Care Technician, GGH Emergency Department
Jeremy, in the emergency room, could hit my vein without any problem. That was great.

Kim Hubbell, RN Nurse, GGH Family Birth Center
My labor nurse, Kim, was very good at keeping me focused. Mary, my baby's nurse, was very caring and loving. They both provided excellent care to us.

Alice DiDona, RN, BSN; Judy Reed, RN; Derrick Podsiadlo, RN, BSN Nurses, GGH 2 West
The primary nurses that I had involved in my care were all outstanding. The nurses I had were Derrick, Judy and Alice. They always asked me about my pain and wanted to know the level of my pain. They made sure I had everything that I needed and that all my needs were being met. They were helpful to my family by telling them where they could get something to eat. They were very good to me.

Judy Reed, RN Nurse, GGH 2 West
My nurse, Judy, on the unit, went above and beyond the call of duty for me. They all did.

Tamara Biesenbach, RN Nurse, GGH Acute Rehabilitation Unit
Tamara went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. It made me feel good when she was on duty. I needed blood and she explained it all to me - what they were going to do and how - so that I wouldn't be scared.

Robin O'Malley, LPN Nurse, GGH 2 West
Robin was outstanding. She was the sweetest woman you could imagine. She was running her behind off, and yet she was cheery. She was very friendly, helpful, and just wonderful.

Jenna Gringeri Nursing Assistant, GGH 2 West
Jenna really cares and is compassionate. She takes a sincere interest in patient care.

Megan Walker, LPN First Acute, SSMH
She was extra considerate. She was in tune to my needs, was always thinking ahead, and made sure I had everything there was to make me more comfortable.

Ramiro Ramos, M.D. Emergency Department
Dr. Ramos took very good care of me. He spent a lot of time with me and made me feel that he really cared. He told me if there was any more pain or if I had any more problems, to come back to the Emergency Room. That really helped me. He was very understanding of the pain I was in. I really liked him. He was very soothing. It helped to know that I wouldn't have to be embarrassed about coming back.

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