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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that society is composed of unique individuals with common basic needs. Each individual, throughout the life process, is influenced by internal and external environmental factors. In response to these factors, individuals are
constantly striving to achieve equilibrium in order to fulfill their needs. The individual and society can benefit as the individual adapts to changing situations in order to meet these needs.

We believe education is an active, ongoing process which evolves from the individual's life experiences and formal schooling. Active participation in education enables the individual to develop his or her potential in a continually changing society. Educational programs should provide for growth and mobility. Opportunities for continuing education must be sought to increase knowledge and skill.

We believe nursing is an art and science with its own rapidly growing body of knowledge. Nursing, by addressing the basic needs of man, helps the individual to attain his/her optimal level of wellness. Nursing education prepares individuals to utilize facts, principles and concepts from the arts and sciences. The nurse's primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group or community and the nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health safety and rights of the patient. (ANA 2001) Practical nursing education, with a strong clinical component, utilizes select facts, principles and concepts from the arts and sciences to prepare practical nurses to give quality bedside nursing care. We further believe a sound program is based on its continual evaluation. Although this responsibility rests with the faculty, the student has the right and opportunity to evaluate the curriculum and instruction. The faculty is open to student and/or graduate suggestions toward improving the program.

We believe that the practical nurse is an integral part of the nursing profession and is accountable for his/her nursing practice within an ethical/legal framework. The practical nurse assists with providing direct nursing care toward meeting the needs of the individual in a variety of health care settings. The practical nurse is a responsible and accountable member of the health team, who, under the direction of the registered professional nurse or licensed physician or dentist performs tasks and responsibilities within the framework of casefinding, health teaching, health counseling and provision of supportive and restorative care.

We believe our school contributes to the profession of nursing by providing an education for qualified individuals to render safe, skilled nursing care as a licensed practical nurse. Our program also provides an opportunity for educational mobility in nursing.

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