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Admission to the College of Nursing is competitive. Applications are accepted October 1st until March 1st for September admission and May 1st until September 1st for January admission. To obtain information or an application, contact the Student Services Office at 315-787-4005. All admission course requirements (Biology and/or Anatomy & Physiology I , Algebra and Chemistry) must be completed by the stated application deadlines. See other admission requirements listed below.



1. Generic student (defined as not holding a license in any other nursing status)

  • Application period is October 1st until March 1st. Acceptance decisions are made in April.
  • High School Diploma/GED – High school seniors may apply prior to their actual graduation date.
  • Completion of studies with a “C” or better in biology, chemistry, and 2 years of math with at least one year of algebra. All sciences courses must be completed within five years of application. If you need to take these courses, they are offered at local colleges or through distance education programs such as Nursing ABC ( These courses must be completed by the March 1st application deadline.
  • If a student has completed Anatomy and Physiology I within five years of enrollment date and achieved a grade of “C” or better, biology requirement may be waived.
  • Physical examination and required immunizations
  • Current CPR

2. Licensed practical nurses or those who have completed Nursing Fundamentals in another RN program within 2 years of admission to FLHCON with a final grade of “C+” or above - may be eligible for January admission (Nursing Science II)

  • Application period is May 1st until September 1st . Acceptance decisions are made in October.
  • Valid NYS LPN license at time of application or proof of completion of Nursing Fundamentals with a final grade of “C+” or above. Fundamentals must be completed prior to October 1st application deadline and within 2 years of application.
  • High school diploma/ GED
  • Successful completion of chemistry and anatomy & physiology I with a grade of a grade of “C” or better within the last five years. These courses must be completed by the September 1st application deadline.
  • 3 months recent experience prior to September 1st application deadline
  • Achieved an overall GPA of 78% or better in an accredited LPN program
  • Physical examination with required immunizations
  • Current CPR
  • Successful demonstration of clinical skills to include vital signs, dry sterile dressing change, head to toe physical assessment, sterile gloving, and isolation


All applications must be submitted online. Acknowledgement of receipt of online application will be sent from the College of Nursing via email. Online applications must be completed and submitted with payment of $50 application fee and all supporting documentation (proof of high school graduation/GED, proof of completion of chemistry, biology, and algebra requirement) must be received within 30 days of acknowledgement of receipt from the College of Nursing.

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