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Cardiopulmonary Imaging

Finger Lakes Health offers Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic testing at Geneva General Hospital and Soldiers & Sailors Hospital locations.


Echosonography (Echo) is an ultrasound of the heart.  These are performed at our Geneva General Hospital and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital locations.  These are highly technical sonograms, that are performed by experienced, registered, technologists’ that are experts in this field.  We utilize only state of the art equipment for the performance of these exams. The information from these exams is used by the cardiologist to determine if further cardiac treatment and/or testing are needed, such as cardiac catheterization.  These exams are performed by referral only, and can be scheduled via Scheduling Services (315) 787-4555.

Stress Echo

This exam is the same as the Echo, described above, except the patient is asked to exercise during the exam.  This exercise is generally accomplished by walking on a treadmill until a target heart rate is reached.  Then further imaging is performed. These are only performed at our GGH location.

Vascular Imagining

This is also a type of ultrasound.  This is done either to evaluate the vascularity of the extremities, or can also be done to test the patency of the carotid arteries.  As with any of the other ultrasound procedures, there is no radiation involved, and they are painless.  These are only performed at our Geneva General Hospital location.


EKG, or sometimes written ECG, is an electrocardiogram.  It is an image/print out, of the electrical function of your heart.  These are performed at all of the Finger Lakes Health locations. These can be scheduled, or can be performed as a “walk-in” either one.  You will have soft, electrode pads attached to various parts of your upper body and limbs that are attached to an EKG recording machine.  You will be asked to lie quietly on a bed, for just a few minutes, as your electrical out-put is recorded. This test is painless, and does not expose you to any form of radiation.

Pulmonary Function Testing:  (PFT)

Pulmonary Function Testing is performed in the Cardiology department, Monday – Friday at Geneva General Hospital, and on Wednesday’s at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital.  This is test that that measures the breathing capabilities, air capacity, and certain lung functionality.  These can be scheduled by calling the Scheduling Services at 315-787-4555.

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