Finger Lakes Health




Finger Lakes Health is a community owned, not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of all people in the central Finger Lakes region. Governed by a board of directors held in trust for our community, we serve as a vital safety net, serving our communities with access to quality healthcare services.

Finger Lakes Health delivers numerous community benefit programs, such as community health events, lectures, and free health screenings, demonstrating our commitment to improving the overall health of the residents of the Finger Lakes region. 



Inpatient Psychiatric Services are available at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital on a secure 10-bed unit. The Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit provides a safe and professional setting to assist patients in managing their acute psychiatric needs. A multidisciplinary treatment team approach, including access to psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, a social worker, and counselors is provided to assist patients in their stabilization, treatment, and discharge planning.

The unit consists of quiet areas for individual, family, and group therapy sessions, communal dining areas, and therapeutic activities. Patients are given an active role in their treatment and discharge planning. Meetings with members of the treatment team help to assure that safe and reasonable plans are in place to offer patients continued success following discharge from the hospital.

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