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Providing exceptionally safe, high-quality, convenient, and patient-centered care describes the Finger Lakes Surgery Center (FLSC). To meet the growing need for outpatient procedures while defining a new standard of excellence, Finger Lakes Health operates the most advanced same-day surgery center in the region.

Opened in the fall of 2005, the 16,400 square foot medical facility was designed from the ground up to encompass three key elements in the delivery of excellence in health care; dedication to patient-focused care and a healing environment, integration of innovative design and cutting-edge technology, and collaboration between physicians and other caregivers to achieve optimal clinical quality.

Gastroenterology procedures at FLSC are performed by a specially-trained team of physicians, nurses, and technicians dedicated to the care and treatement of patients undergoing routine screening or diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy, upper endoscopy-gastrocopy, esophageal pH testing, esophageal dilation, sigmoidoscopy, and Remicade infusion therapy for the treatment of Crohn's disease. Endoscopy procedures are performed with intravenous sedation (twilight sleep), providing for a safe and comfortable experience. Gastroenterology services are provided at all Finger Lakes Health sites, including FLSC, Geneva General Hospital, and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital. Emergent "on-call" services are provided in the OR/Endoscopy Room at Geneva General Hospital.

From the moment patients enter the FLSC, the focus is entirely on them. The patient's family is welcome to stay with them until they enter the surgical and procedure rooms and they are kept abreast of the patient's progress. The patient always feels connected. From their pre-operative room, the patient can observe the staff and get a feel for the flow of work. After the procedure, patients leave through a private exit located close to the patient's car and protected from the elements.

Finger Lakes Surgery Center earns exceptional patient satisfaction scores; achieving 98 - 99% satisfaction on patient surveys. Well above the national average.

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