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The Rehabilitation Team

The rehabilitation team works together to assist each patient in reaching their maximum level of function and independence.  New skills taught in one therapy are encouraged in other therapies.  The experience, empathy, and expertise of the team members facilitate a caring atmosphere in which a patient's progress and adjustment to injury are primary concerns.

The team includes:
The Patient
You are at the center of the rehabilitation team.  Your determined motivation and hard work will be the key to your recovery.

The Family/Significant Other
Serves as the major support system for you.  Loved ones will be asked to participate in helping you reach your goals.

The Physiatrist
Provides medical expertise, oversees the progress of therapy and orchestrates the team to maximize progress.  The Physiatrist is a physician who has specialized training in rehabilitation medicine.

The Rehabilitation Nurse
Provides medical care, helps teach self-care activities, health management and prevention, skin care, bowel and bladder independence and reinforces goals set by the team 24 hours a day.

The Occupational Therapist (OT)
Works with you on activities of daily living including dressing, grooming, using the bathroom, bathing, and cooking.  OT professionals also work on cognition, perception and any adaptive equipment that may assist you.

The Physical Therapist (PT)
Works on improving your strength and mobility needed to return you to your home.  This may include balance activities, bed and wheelchair mobility, gait training, stair training, and the use of specialized equipment to achieve goals.

The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)
Facilitates communication (both expression and comprehension), reading and writing when indicated, swallowing and cognition.

The Social Worker
Acts as your liaison with the team, coordinates family meetings, discharge planning, and follow-up services.

The Registered Dietitian
Ensures your nutritional needs are being met and provides nutritional counseling, dietary instruction, and education.

Other specialists may be brought in to help meet your specific needs.

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