Finger Lakes Health




Finger Lakes Health is a community owned, not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of all people in the central Finger Lakes region. Governed by a board of directors held in trust for our community, we serve as a vital safety net, serving our communities with access to quality healthcare services.

Finger Lakes Health delivers numerous community benefit programs, such as community health events, lectures, and free health screenings, demonstrating our commitment to improving the overall health of the residents of the Finger Lakes region. 


Dedicated teams of RNs, LPNs and nursing assistants, supported by a unit secretary, provide care.  Ensuring that our patients and families are well cared for is of the utmost importance to the nurses at Finger Lakes Health.

3 West is a 34-bed medical floor specializing in acute care of patients with medical conditions.  Typical patients may be being treated for COPD, cardiac conditions, pneumonia or diabetes.  There are also 16 monitored telemetry beds within this medical / surgical unit.  The telemetry unit features portable cardiac recording devices that allow continuous monitoring and evaluation at the nurses' station.  Located on the third floor of the main hospital building, this unit features spacious private and semi-private patient rooms and a large, centrally-located nursing station.

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