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Adopt-a-Class Program-defined as a partnership between an individual class or grade level and a local business.  The program brings together students and businesses to promote career education and establish the link between what the students study in class and the jobs and skills the business needs to succeed.

Part of a comprehensive program to introduce students to health careers, the Adopt-a-Class Program at Finger Lakes Health is conducted through Geneva General Hospital and the Living Centers at Geneva and focuses on 5th grade students.  Nurses, radiology technologists, physical or occupational therapists, activities supervisors for long term care, cooks, housekeepers, medical technologists, pharmacists, dieticians, security officers, marketing and advertising specialists, computer programmers, accountants, carpenters, and child care teachers are just some of the careers to be found at Finger Lakes Health.  Our medical professionals will visit the classroom every month during the school year to give students a broad view of the careers necessary to operate an acute care hospital and nursing home.  In June, the class can visit the hospital and nursing home for a tour and to see the staff that visited their classroom at work.

  • Staff will talk to the students about their career for about 15-20 minutes including the education and skills needed, pros and cons, and what a day in their job is like.
  • Students have the opportunity to ask questions and make observations.
  • Staff will bring a hands-on activity to share with the students.

Adopt-a-Class benefits everyone.  Students develop social skills; become familiar with a variety of careers; identify general workplace skills including a positive attitude, the value of being a team player, and an understanding of how academic subjects correlate and are integrated into the workplace.  Business participants gain an understanding of the requirements of an elementary school education, share the skills they need for their business, and be a role model for children.  Schools benefit by providing opportunities for students to be exposed to a variety of careers; developing lasting business partnerships and friendships; enhance communication, both personal and professional; and gain knowledge of the skills local businesses require.

For information on how your school can arrange an Adopt-a-Class experience with Finger Lakes Health, call the Community Outreach Coordinator at Geneva General Hospital, 315-787-4065.

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