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The Homestead Behavioral Unit is a program dedicated to providing intervention for long-term care residents whose behaviors could be detrimental to themselves or others and who cannot be managed in a traditional long-term care setting.

The mission of this unit is to maximize continuity of care and long-term rehabilitation benefits for the resident by actively involving and educating care providers prior to, during and following treatment. This specialized unit is designed to stabilize and modify behaviors caused by a neurological impairment, which have been present for more than 30 days and which have not abated after attempts at other interventions.

This 20-bed unit is designed to ensure a safe and therapeutic environment for the residents. It consists of single occupancy rooms, an exercise room and a room for quieting down periods. The physical design facilitates the behavioral health program, which consists of a variety of medical, behavioral, counseling, recreational, exercise and other services to help the resident control or redirect his or her behavior through interventions. The unit is accessible by an authorized keypad and doorbell.

Staff on the unit are specially trained and dedicated in sufficient numbers to provide for the direct services and to allow for small group activities and one-on-one care. Staff members include a program coordinator; physician with specialized training and experience in the care of individuals with severe behavioral and neuro-psychiatric conditions; qualified specialist in psychiatry; Master's-prepared social worker; therapeutic recreation specialist; registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurses' assistants.

The length of stay is based on the response to treatment, but most people will remain for at least six months. The Homestead Behavioral Unit is one of three such programs in New York State.

For more information on The Homestead Behavioral Unit, call (315) 531-2724.


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