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Geneva General Hospital has installed a 64-slice CT scanner, making it the first hospital in the region to offer this leading edge computed tomography (CT) technology. The diagnostic and technical capabilities of the Brilliance CT - 64-channel unit from Philips Medical are not available anywhere else in the Finger Lakes.

The new unit, often referred to as a "CAT" scanner, provides a comprehensive range of clinical applications and features not offered on other comparable systems. The Philips unit features advanced technological innovations for superior speed, accuracy and reliability, and offers unprecedented performance in cardiac and coronary artery imaging, pulmonary studies, and critical care, and unmatched technology for stroke evaluations.

The new unit at Geneva General is complemented by a recently installed replacement 16-slice spiral CT unit at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital in Penn Yan. The Philips 16-slice spiral CT scanner with a workstation and dual syringe power injector will improve patient care with angiography capability, improved image resolution, reduced scan time per procedure and diagnostic tools, such as detailed 3-D reconstruction, which were not available on the hospital's previous scanner.

Patients in the Finger Lakes can now benefit from significantly faster CT service.  At Soldiers & Sailors, the 16-slice CT scanner is five times faster than the previous unit; and in Geneva, the 64-slice CT is three times faster.  The number of slices refers to the number of sections imaged. The thinner the sections, the more detailed the images.  For patients, what matters most is faster scanning, meaning less breath-holding and more comfort.  For clinicians, the significance is in the faster service and enhanced image detail.

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