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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians help diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from the common to the rare and complex. They often emphasize non-surgical treatment methods of internal organs, and of recurrent or overlapping illnesses.

Focused on prevention and wellness
Finger Lakes Health's internal medicine specialists affiliated with Geneva General Hospital and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital also focus on prevention and wellness measures designed to help patients resist disease, and lead healthy lifestyles. These physicians can advise and schedule appropriate screenings, given an individual's specific health profile, as well as advise patients on lifestyle changes to manage weight, stress and lingering health issues.

Regardless of a patient's specific health care needs, our internists are partners in wellness each step of the way.

While some internists are in private practice, others focus on emergency medicine. Some also practice hospital medicine treating patients during acute inpatient stays. Geneva General Hospital is proud to offer the largest dedicated team of hospitalists in the Finger Lakes.    

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