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Lifeline can not only protect a life… it can preserve a cherished way of life by giving seniors the confidence to continue living in their own homes.

For over 20 years, Lifeline has been a part of Finger Lakes Health. We have helped hundreds of people preserve their independence by giving them the confidence to continue living in their own homes — doing things for themselves. We do this by ensuring that they know whenever help is needed, it's just a button push away.

To call for help, your loved one would simply press the Lifeline Personal Help Button they wear as a pendant or on a wristband. The Personal Help Button activates a small, in-home communicator that automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center. Within seconds, the call will be answered by a caring, highly-trained representative, called a Personal Response Associate. The associate will have instant access to your loved one's complete profile and critical information. They will contact your loved one immediately to see to their need. If there is no answer, Lifeline sends help at once. Whether it is a neighbor, family member or ambulance, Lifeline sends needed help right away.

Facts about Lifeline™:

  • Lifeline users are 10 times less likely to need a long-term care facility
  • Lifeline helps preserve independence
  • Lifeline is like insurance — you may never need it, but you'll be glad you have it

Facts about Monitors:

  • Monitors are dedicated professionals whose only job is to answer subscriber calls
  • Monitors receive over 80 hours of intensive training, in such disciplines as gerontology and stress management
  • Monitors are certified annually

Equipment involved:

  • Personal Help Button — waterproof, worn as a pendant or wristband
  • Communicator — located in the home, programmed to dial the Lifeline Response Center

Click here for more information on Lifeline™. For more local information, call Finger Lakes Health's Lifeline™ office at (315) 787-4180, or toll free at 1-800-242-1306, x4588.

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