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Finger Lakes Surgery Center


Providing exceptionally safe, high-quality, convenient and patient-centered care describes the Finger Lakes Surgery Center (FLSC). To meet the growing need for outpatient procedures while defining a new standard of excellence, Finger Lakes Health operates the most advanced same-day surgery center in the region.

Opened in the fall of 2005, the 16,400 square foot medical facility was designed from the ground-up to encompass three key elements in the delivery of excellence in health care: dedication to patient-focused care and a healing environment, integration of innovative design and cutting-edge technology, and collaboration between physicians and other caregivers to achieve optimal clinical quality. Procedures at FLSC include minimally invasive surgical and therapeutic procedures; treating patients from infancy to elder adults. The average length of stay is 3-4 hours or less from start to finish. All types of anesthesia are available with an anesthesiologist on site from the beginning of the procedure until the patient is discharged.

Currently, the center offers surgery in eight areas:

  • General Surgery-hernia repair, biopsies, removal of cysts and skin lesions, and hemorrhoidectomy;
  • Gastroenterology-colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, esophageal pH testing, sigmoidoscopy, and Remicade infusion therapy to treat Crohn's disease;
  • Orthopedics-state-of-the-art diagnostic and sports-related arthroscopic techniques performed for the shoulder, knee, and ankle; including anterior cruciate reconstruction and shoulder stabilization procedures. Also, fracture management and surgical treatment of general outpatient orthopedic conditions;
  • Ophthalmology-cataract removal with lens implantation, corneal transplant, and repair of the eyelid and tear duct;
  • Otolaryngology-skin cancer surgery, insertion of ear tubes, tonsil and adenoidectomy, middle ear procedures, and sinus surgery;
  • Podiatry-ankle arthroscopy, bunion repair, endoscopic plantar fasciotomy for heel pain, hammer toe repair, and reconstructive foot surgery;
  • Urology-cystoscopy, prostate, bladder procedures, and ultrasonic stone fragmention (lithotripsy).
  • Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery-Eyelid surgery, liposuction, and breast reconstruction surgery.

From the moment patients enter the FLSC, the focus is entirely on them. The patient's family is welcome to stay with them until they enter the surgical and procedure rooms and they are kept abreast of the patient's progress. The patient always feels connected. From their pre-operative room, the patient can observe the staff and get a feel for the flow of work. There are no surprises or unexpected delays. At the end of the experience, there is a private exit located close to the patient's car and protected from the elements.

Finger Lakes Surgery Center earns exceptional patient satisfaction scores from patients and family members; achieving 98-99% satisfaction on patient surveys. Well above the national average.

Patients regularly mention that the friendliness and professionalism of staff and physicians surpasses their expectations.

 "The humor of the staff was refreshing and soothing."

"The heated blankets were wonderful!"

"The staff and physicians were professional and provided a comfortable and caring atmosphere."

Patients frequently mention the clean and relaxing environment and the speed and efficiency of their visit.

"Everyone should be proud of this facility."

"The location of the facility is convenient."

"This is a state-of-the-art facility."

The healing environment of the FLSC is an integration of innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Designed in partnership with and for physicians and clinical staff, the center employs technologies that allow their highly-skilled care givers to deliver the best possible patient outcomes and collaborate on continuous quality improvement.

The use of Picture Archival Communication System or PACS is the perfect application for off-site medical facilities, such as the FLSC. This cutting-edge technology represents a seamless integration between medicine, diagnostic imaging and information technology. PACS allows radiologists to upload x-rays, CT scans or MRI images onto local servers or the internet, where they can be accessed by doctors at the hospital, at home or anywhere in the world where there is a wireless signal. PACS eliminates the need for hard copy files of photos which take up a huge amount of storage space and make them much more difficult to access. The system provides an excellent digital high-detail image that can be viewed on a full-size screen. PACS greatly reduces costs and boosts efficiency. In addition, access to PACS is completely protected by passwords, thereby safeguarding a patient's privacy.

The Finger Lakes Surgery Center is a Healing Environment, staffed with skilled practitioners using leading technology. It is the perfect facility to provide an excellent patient experience.

Finger Lakes Surgery Center
3700 County Road 6
Geneva, NY 14456










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