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A Trip around Our Dayroom at Huntington Living Center

The Dining Room is set up in preparation for our “Lounge Program.”This activity is less-structured than more traditional activities, such as bingo. Lounge programs are specifically geared for residents with dementia or other cognitive impairments. They are known to reduce agitation and sun-downing behaviors. In a lounge program, we have several “themed-activity stations” offered at small tables for residents to participate in either individually or in small groups.

Activity stations can include: sorting activities (like jewelry, greeting cards or buttons), arts & crafts, reminiscing, games, folding laundry and other domestic activities and life skills. Our Dining Room is also used for activities, including concerts, celebrations, and physical activities like exercise, bowling, and Zumba Gold. The resident domestic kitchen is used for cooking demonstrations and baking groups.


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